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01 What is the difference between coaxial and belt compressors?

First of all, the difference is in the design. In coaxial ones the compressor head and the motor form a single unit. In the belt one the compressor head and the electric motor are separates into two parts, and the rotation is transmitted through the belt. The main difference is in the purpose of these compressors. Coaxial are designed for periodic work, small in time and volume, in 30/70 mode. Belt compressors are professional compressors designed for continuous operation within a 50/50 mode.

02 What engine oil is recommended for internal combustion engines of power stations?

For FUBAG gasoline and diesel four-stroke ICE EXTRA semi-synthetic oil ( SAE 10 W 30) with a temperature range of -25 ... +40 ° C and PRACTICA mineral oil ( SAE 30) with a temperature range of -10 ... + 40 ° C are recommended.

03 How to calculate the output compressor capacity?

To check the compressor for compatibility with pneumatic tools , the performance value indicated in the equipment passport will not work. In most cases, the documentation contains only the inlet performance at zero pressure in the receiver.

To find the output performance at maximum pressure, it is worth using the coefficients (for coaxial - 0.6-0.65, for belt - 0.7-0.75) and perform simple arithmetic operations.
Example: For a belt compressor with a capacity of 320 l / min - the output value will be 320x0.75 = 240 l / min

04 What is the SYN function in the FUBAG semi-automatic machines?

This function automatically adjusts the welding current and wire feed speed according to the selected wire diameter.

05 How often should condensate be drained from the compressor receiver?

It is necessary to drain the condensate after each completion of work by opening a special threaded drain plug on the bottom of the compressor receiver.

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